Chitralekha is an open-source tool for video transcription with optional translation support with a focus on Indian languages. With a proliferation of video content, we need tools to transcribe them efficiently and also to make the transcriptions accessible in other languages. And given that transcription and translation tasks are tedious we want to meaningfully support them with open-source AI models.  


Import from YouTube

Chitralekha supports importing videos and optional subtitles from YouTube. It also enables export of the subtitles in standard formats which can be used to update videos on YouTube.

Transcription Support

Chitralekha supports transcribing the input video with IndicASR for English and 9 Indian languages. This automatically creates timestamped transcription cards which can be edited.

Translation Support

Chitralekha supports translating the transcription into English and 12 Indian languages supported by IndicTrans.

Transliteration Support

Chitralekha supports editing the transcriptions both in the source and target language in Roman characters with IndicXlit support.



We are working with NPTEL to help their language contributors provide transcriptions for NPTEL's videos on higher education in various Indian languages.

Project BIRD

We are working with Project BIRD from IIM Ahmedabad to provide same language subtitling for improving literacy in Indian languages.

Chitralekha v1 has been Released Publicly on 28th July