IndicCorp has been developed by discovering and scraping thousands of web sources - primarily news, magazines and books, over a duration of several months.

IndicCorp is one of the largest publicly-available corpora for Indian languages. It has also been used to train our released models which have obtained state-of-the-art performance on many tasks.

Corpus Format

The corpus is a single large text file containing one sentence per line. The publicly released version is randomly shuffled, untokenized and deduplicated.


Language# News Articles*SentencesTokensLinkas0.60M1.39M32.6Mlinkbn3.83M39.9M836Mlinken3.49M54.3M1.22Blinkgu2.63M41.1M719Mlinkhi4.95M63.1M1.86Blinkkn3.76M53.3M713Mlinkml4.75M50.2M721Mlinkmr2.31M34.0M551Mlinkor0.69M6.94M107Mlinkpa2.64M29.2M773Mlinkta4.41M31.5M582Mlinkte3.98M47.9M674Mlink

* Excluding articles obtained from the OSCAR corpus

Processing Corpus

For processing the corpus into other forms (tokenized, transliterated etc.), you can use the indicnlp library. As an example, the following code snippet can be used to tokenize the corpus:

from indicnlp.tokenize.indic_tokenize import trivial_tokenize
from indicnlp.normalize.indic_normalize import IndicNormalizerFactory

lang = 'kn'
input_path = 'kn'
output_path = 'kn.tok.txt'

normalizer_factory = IndicNormalizerFactory()
normalizer = normalizer_factory.get_normalizer(lang)

def process_sent(sent):
    normalized = normalizer.normalize(sent)
    processed = ' '.join(trivial_tokenize(normalized, lang))
    return processed

with open(input_path, 'r', encoding='utf-8') as in_fp,\
	 open(output_path, 'w', encoding='utf-8') as out_fp:
    for line in in_fp.readlines():
        sent = line.rstrip('\n')
        toksent = process_sent(sent)


If you are using IndicGLUE, please cite the following article:

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IndicCorp is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.