To evaluate language models on Indic languages, we need a robust human-annotated NLU benchmark consisting of 9 tasks across 18 Indic languages.


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  • Sumanth Doddapaneni (AI4Bharat, IITM)
  • Rahul Aralikatte (McGill, MILA)
  • Gowtham Ramesh, (AI4Bharat, IITM)
  • Shreya Goyal, (AI4Bharat)
  • Mitesh Khapra,  (AI4Bharat, IITM)
  • Anoop Kunchukuttan, (Microsoft, AI4Bharat, IITM)
  • Pratyush Kumar,  (Microsoft, AI4Bharat, IITM)

Corresponding authors: Sumanth Doddapaneni


If you are using any of the resources, please cite the following article:

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IndicXTREME is released under this licensing scheme:

  • We do not own any of the text from which this data has been extracted.
  • We license the actual packaging of this data under the Creative Commons CC0 license (“no rights reserved”).
  • To the extent possible under law, AI4Bharat has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to IndicXTREME.
  • This work is published from: India.