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Contribute to India through AI4Bharat Projects!

Brief Overview

How can I support?

  • You can volunteer to contribute to our projects
  • You can propose new projects
  • You can sponsor our works

Major Sponsors

  • Google AI India
  • IIT Madras
  • One Fourth Labs

How we support you?

  • Mentorship
  • Cloud Resources
  • Open Source Projects
  • Connecting with peers of similar interests
  • Research Publications

Deatiled Overview

Why Join?


  • Access to projects based on carefully curated problem statements with the potential of creating significant impact by working with the government, academia, and NGOs

  • Potential to gain valuable experience in working together with and learning from experts in open collaboration environments

  • Chance to be part of and help shape an open community created with technology and nation building as core pillars


  • Technically mentor a group of motivated software and AI engineers towards successfully solving AI4Bharat challenges

  • Define new problem statements and help shape the onward journey of AI4Bharat

  • Reach out to a large community by contributing to creating educational content and hosting AI4Bharat webinar events


  • Access to top engineering talent in India with expertise in Machine Learning

  • Potential to translate identified problem definitions by NGOs and the government to deployed solutions powered by latest AI technologies

  • Chance to be part of and help shape an open community created with technology and nation building as core pillars

AI4Bharat is built around projects

AI4Bharat has a flat organisation built around projects. A list of project statements are here. Each project will move through a lifecycle of problem discovery, solution building, and deployment. Some ideas on this process are here. Each project will be mentored by one or two experienced AI engineers and/or domain experts. Each project will additionally have engineering teams of size 2-5. Members of a project are expected to regularly e-meet, with a recommended frequency of once per week. All projects are required to update their progress monthly on the project pages.

Each project page will include details of the current team and open positions, if any. Applicants are expected to go through these project pages and include the position they are applying for in the form below.

What is expected?

AI4Bharat is a voluntary community. There is no financial benefit for any member. However, we will provide access to collaboration tools and cloud resources for storing data and running ML workloads. Also, in the near future, we do expect constitution of grand challenges that could come with prizes sponsored by industry or government.

We expect members to be driven by passion along lines outlined here. The time-commitment made by each individual could vary depending on the stage of the project and the role. We expect AI engineers to contribute contribute at least 5-10 hours per week. Mentors are expected to spend at least 1-2 hours reviewing a project per week.

Application Process

You can apply to join AI4Bharat by filling in the form below. The application will be evaluated by an internal team and a decision will be communicated as soon as possible.

We plan to start with a small community and hence we will be selective initially. Once, we have fine-tuned internal processes and identified best practices, we will aim to scale up to include a larger team.