Anuvaad is an open source judicial domain, document-translation platform to translate judicial documents at scale. Separate instances of Anuvaad are deployed to Supreme Court of India (SUVAS) and Supreme Court of Bangladesh (Amar Vasha).

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Shoonya is an open source platform to improve the efficiency of language work in Indian languages with AI tools and custom built UI interfaces and features. This is a key requirement to create larger dataset for training datasets for training AI models such as neural machine translation for a large number of Indian languages.

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Chitralekha is an open source platform tool for video subtitling across various Indic languages, using ML model support (ASR for Transcription and NMT for Translation) Chitralekha offers support for multiple input sources (Ex : Youtube, local etc) and transcription generation process (Ex : Models, Source captions, Custom subtitle files etc).

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Indic Glossary Explorer

Indic Glossary Explorer is an open source service to store and explore relevant Indic glossary which are domain specific. The service also provides the capabities for glossary contribution (individual/batch).

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