The Case for AI4Bharat

India is a civilisation of the ages, but with significant socio-economic challenges currently. AI4Bharat is a community created to build AI solutions to solve India’s problems, today.
AI4Bharat is built around four functions: Discover, Educate, Build and Comment. We believe that the pace of innovation in AI for good can be significantly increased by systematising the process of problem discovery and solution engineering. In addition, there is need for education and robust commentary

Prof. Mitesh Khapra,
IIT Madras
Prof. Pratyush Kumar,
IIT Madras
Anoop Kunchukuttan
Microsoft Research


Projects Overview

🤗 IndicNLP Suite

Creating NLP tools, models and datasets for Indian languages ecosystem.

💻 Indic Transliteration

Creating input tools for all Indian languages for typing in Indic scripts

📱 Indic Swipe

Creating swipe-based keypad typing for Indian languages

🖖🏼 Indian Sign Language

Developing tools for recognizing and transcribing Indo Sign Language.

🔨 EZ-Annotate

Annotation tool for labeling datasets for machine learning tasks

✍🏼 IndicFonts

Generating fonts using A.I. for Indic scripts.

📄🔍 Indic OCR

Coming Soon - Indic Scene Text Recognition and Document Extraction

🗣💬 Indian Speech2Text

Coming Soon…

Domains of long-term interest and vision


The occupation of half of the nation’s workers is in need of solutions, both technological and otherwise.


With a very poor doctor to patient ratio, India is in immediate need for AI solutions to make our doctors more effective and accessible.

Languages and Culture

India is a country very rich in languages and culture, but very poor in resources and methods for language processing and digital restoration.

Digital India

A horizontal requirement across all domains is the need for digitisation, in which AI can play a disruptive role.

Smart Cities

With a mission to develop 100 cities, there is a need for AI to play a significant role in making our cities more efficient and sustainable.


Urgent solutions, enhanced with AI, are needed for major challenges in water scarcity, air pollution, wildlife conversation, epidemics control, and disaster management.



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